2. mosko colab

For to know how to travel on a motorcycle you have to know how to live with only what is necessary. The luggage that we will carry will be minimal but very important, that is why we trust MOSKO as the best way to carry it.

2. cardo colab

A call in the middle of the road, listening music or the GPS indications and especially talking to your travel mate while traveling on a motorcycle, CARDO is the solution to our communication within the helmet.

2. forma colab

We learned a lesson from the day Ivana broke her leg after we felt off the bike, and this lesson was that we have to find good boots before going on a trip, we have trusted FORMA for many years since then.


An accident in the mountains, a bicycle broken by a tree branch that you did not see, overturning due to a gust of wind… Camper Cover find the solution.


Everything related to the exterior of the van was in the hands of SERVICE MILOSHESKI, from painting to elements such as bumpers and protections, ladder, roof racks and bicycle racks.


TEHNOKOOP with more than 30 years of experience in the furniture sector was in charge of the interior of our van. The isolation of the cabin and the furniture was in his hands.


Electrical system, alarm, multimedia, interior and exterior LED lighting and polarization of the moons was the great contribution of DOG SECURITY to the van. Security and comfort anywhere.


Transforming an old van into our house, office, workshop and theater and traveling with it around the world needed of a great ergonomic design. CONTEMPO accepted the challenge.