An accident in the mountains, a bicycle broken by a tree branch that you did not see, overturning due to a gust of wind… Camper Cover find the solution.


After so many adventures and several years traveling around the world there is a good lesson we have learned, never travel without a good travel insurance and IATI is the best option we know.

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Travelling on the road, safety should be a priority. One of the worst things that can happen is an engine or electrical fire. An automatic fire suppression system from BlazeCut is our first line of fire defence and keeps us safer on our road adventure.


The first thing to do in your vehicle before to go in a long trip will be to adapt it with the elements you will need to pass the tests every day on the route, and to avoid that the process of homologate and legalize all the updates of your vehicle is not an endless headache we have the service of Icar Getxo.


Everything related to the exterior of the van was in the hands of SERVICE MILOSHESKI, from painting to elements such as bumpers and protections, ladder, roof racks and bicycle racks.


TEHNOKOOP with more than 30 years of experience in the furniture sector was in charge of the interior of our van. The isolation of the cabin and the furniture was in his hands.


We are outdoors lovers so we spend more hours under the sun than at home, and to be able to continue enjoying what we see there is not a single day that we go out without our sunglasses. IZIPIZI offers us the best protection for our eyes … and of course a bit of style too.


Whether you are traveling the world or immersed in the intense life of the city we will always have to worry about having a good diet. Juicy Retreats is, without a doubt, the best option to have a fast load of vitamins.


Outdoor live means you have little space to carry clothes, but with TUXY we have the perfect outfit for all kinds of situations.

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There is only one way to get plant-based milk without artificial additives and for an economical price and is to do it yourself with Almond Cow.


We do not want to run out of energy while we travel to the most remote regions of the planet, which is why we feed our van with the most reliable batteries. With DURACELL light will be always on. out.


POWERFLEX is synonymous with off-road among 4×4 lovers. The British brand will reinforce the suspension of our van to allow us to reach the most remote routes without problems.


A classic van like ours is completely mechanical, no matter how far we are because there is no damage that can not be fixed with good tools, so with BERNER for sure the trip does not stop.


It will no longer matter if we run out of gas in the middle of the route. With the SOLOSTOVE we will only need a few branches of no more than 15 cm to cook our food on trips.


Trekking is fundamental in our trips. Many times we spend several days lost in the middle of nowhere and in the GEIGERRIG backpacks we will be able to carry everything we need.


We all know how important it is to stay hydrated on expeditions through the desert or the jungle. AQUAMIRA filters will allow us to treat water and be free of bacterias.


CBD from Cannaliz has been recognized for its calming and channeling effects. This molecule provides many applications in the field of well-being for people that are: stressed, anxious, dispersed, agitated, and much more.


Electrical system, alarm, multimedia, interior and exterior LED lighting and polarization of the moons was the great contribution of DOG SECURITY to the van. Security and comfort anywhere.


Transforming an old van into our house, office, workshop and theater and traveling with it around the world needed of a great ergonomic design. CONTEMPO accepted the challenge.


One of the improvements of our next project would be the way sharing our experiences. We needed a new website and for that mission nobody better than DESCUBRE COMUNICACION.